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Waste bin PUSHBOY

Thanks to its lively colours, PUSHBOY will even make your waste look good at your trade fair stand. It fits into every corner, has a volume of 22 l and is mostly happy. Colours in red, almond, white, black, lime green etc.

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Ribbon cover

Stirred or shaken, ManU or Chelsea, Beatles or Rolling Stones? Some preferences can sometimes not be explained rationally, because they arise from personal history, aesthetics and taste. Likewise the question of all questions: Stretch cover or ribbon cover? Answer here: Ribbon cover!

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Stretch cover

Conservative or Labour Party, vinyl or CD, gold or silver? These questions could be endless, only this time it ends with the most important question of all: Ribbon cover or stretch cover: Answer here: Stretch cover!

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Table cloths

Table cloths for almost all of our tables are available upon consultation. A simple runner or a coloured wax cloth could be a nice (and cheaper) alternative to a damask table cloth. 

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