Leipziger Mietmöbel


All noted prices are net prices and apply to a rental period of 1-3 days within Leipzig. Please send a request for expanding rental periods. In addition to the rental price we calculate a transportation fee, which includes collection and delivery, cleaning, construction and deconstruction. The transportation fee depends on the logistic effort (staff, delivery vehicle, quantity):

Transportation fee A: Collection and delivery with small effort: 70,-€
(e.g. 2 tables, 4 chairs)

Transportation fee B: Collection and delivery with moderate effort: 100,-€
(e.g. 10 standing tables, 20 bar stools)

Transportation fee C: Collection and delivery with big effort: 160,-€
(delivery truck, e.g. 50 conference tables and 100 chairs)

Delivery costs outside of Leipzig by request. Self-collection not possible.

The delivery includes always the first door of the event location at ground level. Please inform us in time about delivery-relevant areal features at the event location, such as lifts, hindering areas, narrow corridors, etc. The mentioned extra-effort comes, as the circumstances require, with additional costs. Alterations, express-deliveries, night shifts, provision of stand-by-staff are handled as surcharges.

For private clients: In addition to the net price comes the value added tax of 19 percent.